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When you enter thrishna we hope you get and instant feeling of being at home. The warm atmosphere and the soft lighting and the scented table centres adds to the start of a very enjoyable evening meal, even romantic.

Thrishna was started in October 2007 by myself Chondon Miah and a staff of five. Although born in Bangladesh I came to England as a baby in arms, and have had at least twenty years experience in this trade. I am very proud of my team of chefs, their cooking and makes all his own spice mixes. The most popular dishes (the ones that are ordered over and over again), include House Lamb or Chicken Special, Chicken or Lamb Satkora, or Rahad Green Herb, but the outstanding dish is South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken or Lamb.

The menu is very authentic but does cater for the less venturous among you with European and vegetarian dishes.

After Opening in Upton, within a few months we have picked up award for customer Excellence- something we are very proud of.

One thing that you notice is the friendly, very cheerful way you are greeted by the staff their laughter, and warm smiles.


Best Restaurant & Takeaway | Air Conditioned Licensed | Tel: 01684 594900/591199

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